Do you need assistance with maintaining your Company Register?

Based on our experience it would appear that an unprecedented number of companies are not meeting their lodgement requirements.  Officeholders are unaware of the penalties imposed under the Corporations Act 2001 if they are non-compliant or do not pay their annual review fee within the prescribed time.  This usually results in companies being fined for late payments or lodgements, as a consequence substantial expenses are incurred.

As an ASIC Registered Agent we act as an intermediary between the ASIC and companies, we help companies meet their lodgement requirements more efficiently.  The benefits of having an ASIC Registered Agent act on your behalf are as follows:

– Avoid paying unnecessary penalty fees

– The facility to lodge electronically, which means instant document processing

– Notifying officeholders when their annual review fee is due, eliminating late payment fees

– Maintaining the company register to ensure compliance


We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your corporate secretarial needs and for a small annual fee we can ensure all of your ASIC obligations are met each year.

The annual fee of $185.00 includes the following:

– Appointment of Registered Agent

– Retrieving company’s annual review statement, ensuring client’s make payment prior to due date

– Unlimited secretarial changes

– Officeholder appointments/resignations

– Share allotments/transfers

– Address Changes


If you would like to discuss your company’s requirements or have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.